Iowa Music Showcase Songs: Ep 44 – Song 2: “Candy Lips” by The Frank Lloyd Tribe

Ep 44 – Song 2: “Candy Lips” by The Frank Lloyd Tribe

“My name is Nicholas Buckton and I am the lead singer/guitarist of a band called the Frank Lloyd Tribe. I was born in Des Moines and have been recording and writing music here since I was in fifth grade.

“FLT was a rock band that was formed in Ames, IA when I was in school at ISU from 2008 to when I graduated in 2013. We would play (extremely) raucous house shows and would throw parties that centered around our band playing for many hours. We had the fortune to have our music played on the radio, used in a professional skiing video and a host of other odd and fantastic things.

“I have since calmed down a bit, but the music has been recorded and still remains from that time period.”
– from an email to IMSC

Nicholas Buckton – Guitar/Vocals
Jay Kasperbauer – Drums
Elizabeth Opie – Bass




To download the whole podcast, right click the link below and hit “Save as…”:

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